April 25, 2024
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Understanding that each business has different e-commerce goals, we focus on a business' strengths and provide insight to help build a successful ecommerce plan. We offer more than just a shopping cart, we offer a total e-commerce solution.

   See our sample shopping cart

Some of the Features:

  • Encrypted control panel passwords.
  • Encrypted customer passwords.
  • Affiliate Cart system (some of the features)
    • Customization options: edit the homepage, create a selling tools page, edit the affiliate menu.
    • Commission overrides.
    • Two levels
    • Enhanced reports
    • Message system
  • Pricing levels.
  • Captcha features in control panel login to enhance security.
  • Auto-block feature bans IP Addresses trying to use hacks in the URL.
  • Statistics logging
    • Nice new graphical view of visitors, sales, referrers, and search terms used to find your store.
    • Option to disable stats logging.
  • Optional side-by-side checkout form, or use the original single-column checkout form.
  • Optional terms and conditions field (and page) for bottom of checkout.
  • Newsletter mailing abilities.
  • Create Product Templates: lets you create multiple products with similar settings faster.
  • Enhanced price adjustments feature.
  • Product Coupons
  • SEO features
  • Product import feature.
  • Payment processors are integrated for easier future integration of additional processors.
  • Select multiple third party processors.
  • Settings for your gateway are stored encrypted.
  • User accounts have more limited access to the admin. They cannot create users and edit certain settings.
  • Create an optional order prefix in the settings.
  • Enhanced support for subscription items.
  • Ability to set a page password protected.
  • Option Drop Downs, Checkboxes, and Radio List values can be assigned to a product to track inventory of options.
  • You can upload an image for submit items so that the thumbnail in the shopping cart will change depending on what they order.
  • Categories show number of items in a category next to category name.
  • Categories auto-hide if there are no items in that category and no sub categories.

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