April 25, 2024
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Mass Marketing
The Internet... It is, after all, the ultimate mass marketing medium

As a business owner, you've no doubt had some experience with mass marketing. You've placed ads on the radio, in the newspaper, and if your budget was large enough, television.

A small or medium retail shop may spend one to three percent of gross sales on advertising. Let's say your budget is $24,000 for the year. Spread evenly over the year, that's $2,000 a month. Before you know it, a radio or television station, newspaper, or magazine can swallow that whole and leave you nothing but bills for your trouble. So what to do?

You'll use reach or frequency. In plain words, reach is how many, and frequency is how much. You'll either save all your budget for two or three big holidays and rely on reach, or develop a monthly maintenance schedule and rely on frequency. Only you know your business, customers, locale, and economy well enough to make that decision.

The trick then, is not just to master one medium or another. Your goal should be to mix and match mass- and micro-marketing tools to achieve your marketing goals.
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